Get ready for some he said/she said drama.

As you surely know, things have been tense between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna ever since the KUWTK celeb posted nudes of the video vixen on Instagram and Twitter without her consent. This social media move came amid Kris Jenner‘s son’s tirade online where he accused the mother of his child of being a cheater and a drug user.

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The feud took a darker turn when Chyna clapped back with allegations of abuse and hired powerhouse attorney Lisa Bloom to lock in a restraining order against Kardashian. However, it seems the sock mogul is now claiming that he is a victim of domestic abuse as Dream Kardashian‘s mother got physical with him.

And, allegedly, both sides claim to have video footage of the incidents in question. So who’s the innocent party??

According to TMZ, sources close to Chyna say she will discuss several abuse claims while in court and will specifically mention one incident where Kim Kardashian West‘s brother supposedly hit her and knocked her to the ground. It’s said the altercation, which allegedly took place several months ago, resulted in Chyna locking herself in her bedroom and the 30-year-old breaking the door down. Yikes!

Reportedly, the mother-of-two has photos and video footage of this scene. Rob is clapping back with his own abuse claims as Kardashian Konfidants defend that, back in December, Chyna tried choking the reality TV vet with an iPhone cord and attempted to hit him with a metal rod. Geez.

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It’s believed that Corey Gamble then walked in and pulled Rob’s ex off of the E! celebrity. After being yanked off of Gamble’s sort-of stepson, Chyna proceeded to cause $35K in damage in the house she and Rob had been sharing. The insiders say surveillance video captured the entire thing!

Oh, and if this evidence isn’t enough, Rob’s lawyer Robert Shapiro has texts where the 29-year-old tells a friend Kardashian would never hit her. The father-of-one’s legal counsel hopes this will be enough to vindicate the celebuspawn!

While talking with the webloid, Shapiro noted that Rob’s cyberbullying towards Chyna was “a spontaneous reaction that he regrets.” He also added:

“Rob’s only concern is for the well-being of baby Dream.”

And, as we previously reported, Rob doesn’t plan to contest Chyna’s request for a TRO. Well, well!

For more updates about Rob and Chyna’s feud be sure to ch-ch-check back HERE! P.S. Rob and Chyna’s restraining order hearing is taking place today (July 10) at 8:30 a.m. PST so… stay tuned!!!

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