In case you needed further proof that 2017 isn’t going the way Kendall Jenner hoped, here you go!

One of the KUWTK star’s fan accounts announced earlier this month that they would no longer be stanning the supermodel — and fortunately for us, we’re getting 13 14 reasons why!

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See if you’re still on board with the 21-year-old celeb after reading the well-researched thread (below)!!

The page owners then peaced out with the following message:

“ANYWAY, this is the end. But before we leave for good there’s something we’d like to say for the people that followed us & her fans. We saw a lot of people calling us fakes. Just know that the biggest supporters aren’t the ones that are always far up their fave’s ass. We unstanned because we were being her fans for nothing. She did nothing to captivate her public and we couldn’t stay being fans of someone. Just because they have a pretty face or a famous family. You need to EARN people’s love. Jokes aside, we actually hope she grows from this. because it’s never too late. Unfortunately we won’t be here because we can’t support someone that doesn’t represent what we stand for.”

Snap, snap!


This Fan Account Gives You 14 Reasons Why You Should ‘Unstan’ Kendall Jenner!