Let the speculation begin!

Late Sunday night, Tyler, The Creator‘s fourth studio album Scum Fuck Flower Boy leaked, and it contains some revealing lyrics that has everyone talking!

On one song I Ain’t Got Time!, the 26-year-old flat out says he’s “been kissing white boys since 2004,” which many take as him coming out as gay.

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On the track Garden Shed, the Odd Future founder appears to be rapping about the struggles of coming to terms with one’s sexuality:

“Them feelings I was guardin’, heavy on my mind/All my friends lost, they couldn’t read the signs/I didn’t wanna talk and tell ’em my location, and they ain’t wanna walk/Truth is, since a youth kid, thought it was a phase, Thought it’d be like the Frank; poof, gone, but, it’s still goin’ on.”

When word broke out, Twitter users instantly showered the musician with love and support (whether the rumors are true or not)! To see the best reactions, ch-ch-check them out (below)!

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