Donald Trump doesn’t know these shows. Donald Trump didn’t see these shows.

The president took to Twitter to let everyone know the White House is “functioning perfectly,” and sneak in another eye-roll-inducing claim — he apparently has “very little time for watching TV”!

On Wednesday, he shared:

Yup, the man who regularly tweets about news coverage — mostly to praise Fox News and criticize CNN (not to mention Morning Joe, Celebrity Apprentice, and Saturday Night Live) — says he barely watches the boob tube!

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Political journalists criticized what many felt was POTUS’s biggest lie yet. Not only did the tweet come after three days of retweeting Fox & Friends, but many pointed out it came in response to criticism of Trump watching too much TV — which he watched being discussed ON TV!

The best response came from The Washington Post‘s Philip Rucker, who shared that White House officials confirmed the President has been watching “plenty” of TV news this week due to his light schedule:

Ha! Next he’s gonna say he has very little time to use Twitter!

See the best reactions to POTUS’s lamest lie yet (below).

TV is who you are, Donny! It’s what got you elected! Embrace your couch potato-ness!

Besides, we all know you aren’t much of a reader.

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