Caitlyn Jenner stopped by The View on Thursday and remained as outspoken as ever. Though even as a Donald Trump supporter, she had to admit she’s been “disappointed in a few ways”:

“I thought he would be more outspoken when it came to LGBT issues.”

Um. Quick question. WHY?????? LOLz.

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Caitlyn does say that though POTUS hasn’t taken her up on her offer to discuss how he could better serve the community, she has been in contact with some other people in the administration — though she’s not allowed to talk about it. Just like how all her LGBT activism is “80-90% behind the scenes.” Uh huh.

Well, at least she’s acknowledging that Trump isn’t doing a good job. That’s more than a lot of Republicans.

But when it comes to the biggest scandal facing the Trump family — the possibly treasonous collusion with the Russian government during the presidential election — Caitlyn says she just doesn’t care.

Ch-ch-check that out (below)!

It’s a good convo, but in case you don’t have time for the rest, here’s Cait’s take:

“Politics is a dirty business. Let’s be honest.”

Cait then brought up Hillary Clinton trading 20% of the United States’ uranium to Russia in exchange for millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation, a claim pushed heavily during the election (but ultimately judged false by the fact checkers at Snopes), saying:

“Everybody’s talking to everybody. Recently Trump was over there, and I think it’s good that we have communication with the Russians.”

We’ve heard that stance from Trump supporters before, and frankly every time the U.S. spits in the face of its actual allies, we have to call a little more bullshit on it.

What do YOU think of Caitlyn’s defense of Trump?

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