Need another reason to be in love with Ryan Reynolds? Look no further.

Five-year-old Marvel fan Daniel Downing was given at most 9 months to live after being diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor earlier this month — and when the 40-year-old caught wind of Daniel’s terminal cancer, he called the boy from set of Deadpool 2 for a conversation that lasted for about 15 minutes.

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The child’s mother, Stephanie, told The Herald of the special moment for her son:

“Daniel picked up the phone and Ryan asked if he knew who he was. As soon as Daniel realised, he asked if he could FaceTime him and then he was very, very hyper. All the camera crew waved hello and Daniel had his Mr Pool t-shirt on (like the Mr Men but for Deadpool). Daniel was telling Ryan how poorly he’d been and how his friends had helped him feel better. He had to dash off to film, but that was good really — Daniel gets tired very quickly.”


“I’m so happy for Daniel – it’s something he wouldn’t normally have been able to do and he was so excited. He told all his friends and his teachers. It’s nice to see him so excited because he has been a bit down lately.”

Watch the heartwarming interaction (below)!

Hearts = melted.

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Ryan Reynolds’ FaceTime With A Terminally-Ill Five-Year-Old Fan Will Absolutely Melt Your Heart