Appearances can truly be deceiving…

Last Friday, San Antonio-native Ashley Smith took a photo (above) with Texas Governor Greg Abbott at a rally where he announced his bid for reelection.

However, it turns out Smith is a transgender woman, and Abbott has supported a discriminatory anti-trans bill that would regulate her bathroom use.

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The day after the rally, the architect shared the photo on Facebook to ask the question: “How will the Potty Police know I’m transgender if the Governor doesn’t?”

Ashley told CNN she hopes the photo illustrates that “sometimes it’s not really apparent who transgender people are” and that trans individuals are “just regular folks.”

Back in April, the politician vocalized his support for Senate Bill 6 — which would require high school students to use bathrooms that correspond to the gender on their birth certificates — on Twitter:

On Tuesday, the Texas Legislature debated the bathroom bill as part of Abbott’s special legislative session — announced on June 6.

Smith believes instating SB6 would be a “disaster” and would put the trans community “at significant risk.” She adds:

“Transgender people have faced harassment just for being who they are.”

We echo Ashley’s words, and we just hope Texas does the right thing!

[Image via Ashley Smith/Facebook.]

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