Even when Saturday Night Live is on break, its writers still find a way to troll Donald Trump.

SNL writer Josh Patten has been keeping busy this summer with an “incredibly stupid project”: responding to the president’s tweets as if they were personal texts.

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While the NBC series has no problem ripping on POTUS hard, these faux exchanges are actually quite pleasant and makes us wish the two were friends IRL.

Patten, who has written for the show since 2012 (including the Trump-hosted episode in 2015), teased his project in earlier this week, sharing:

Since then, Patten has given the president several friendly replies, including suggestions on what to watch on Netflix and the best drinks to order at the U.S. Women’s Open.

Ch-ch-check out some of the best one-sided texts (below)!

We hope he keeps this up — Trump is bound to respond eventually!

[Image via Twitter/Johnny Louis/WENN.]

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SNL Writer Responds To Donald Trump’s Tweets Like They’re Texts & It’s Actually Very Sweet