What a low blow.

On Thursday, Bella Thorne took to Twitter to hit back at a prank where footage from her Snapchat was spliced together with another unknown person masturbating. There are some seriously messed up people out there.

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At first, the former Disney darling attempted to laugh off the XXX vid as she wrote:

While this video isn’t new — it first hit the internet in 2016 — the Famous In Love actress is just now taking the time to weigh in on the cruel prank. In addition to sexualizing her without her consent, Miz Thorne was infuriated by the fact that the footage mentioned her deceased father.

Apparently, the badly edited “sex tape” dubbed over Bella’s voice in order to add in new commentary which brought up her poppa. Understandably, this rubbed the 19-year-old the wrong way as The Duff star continued:

You tell ’em, girl! This isn’t the first time the Just Call singer has hit back at bullies as she made a point to tell her haters to “fuck off” during a 2016 interview with Playboy.

Still, Scott Disick‘s “friend” got the last laugh as she made fun of the footage on her Snapchat. Later in the evening, Bella feigned orgasms while petting a kitten, a watermelon, and a plush toy. She even quipped:

“So good! So good! Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Oh, yeah! That’s the spot! Oh! Right there! Oh, yeah! That’s it! My goodness! Keep going! Keep going! It’s so good!”

In short: it’ll take a lot more than a crappy video to REALLY rattle the It-girl!

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Bella Thorne Is SO Not Here For Her Fucked Up Fake Masturbation Video!