Aaron Carter’s family members continue to be worried over his health!

The singer was arrested earlier this week for DUI, which he has vehemently denied in emotional interviews in the following days.

While it sounded like he was looking to better himself, an Us Weekly source close to big bro Nick Carter is now saying the 29-year-old “doesn’t want anyone’s help.” It was also added the Backstreet Boys member “really wants to help” since “the whole Carter family is concerned for Aaron.”

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It’s not a great situation!

But apparently, the controversial celeb is still “angry at that tweet from Nick,” says a source. An insider explained why the 37-year-old took to social media to reach out:

“Nick doesn’t have his phone number. Aaron blocks everyone and changes his number so none of his family can get in touch with him. He changes his number a lot.”

Aaron has fired back:

“I change my number often for security issues and in attempt to have a calm and less stressful life overall. Many often don’t respect that, but my current team does. Regarding Nick’s tweet and Lauren’s, they have the number I have now and weren’t blocked. Moving on.”

Oh boy.

Well, he probably wasn’t too happy then when Nick got emotional talking family on Thursday’s episode of Boy Band! When contestant Jaden Gray revealed his own issues with his father, the poppa of one replied:

“I understand exactly what you’re going through when it comes to having a hard upbringing in a family. No matter what happens, or what they say or do, you still love them.”

We hope the brothers can work out their issues! It sounds like they could both use each other!

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Nick Carter Gets Emotional About Family On TV As He ‘Really Wants To Help’ Aaron Carter