O.J. Simpson may be a hot topic for film and TV projects, but he won’t be landing a book deal anytime soon.

As we previously reported, the scandalized football legend was granted parole last week after spending nine years in prison for a Las Vegas hotel heist. While this kind of headline making news SHOULD result in a book deal, it seems as though publishers are worried about the backlash that would occur for partnering with such a tainted celeb.

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Whomp, whomp. According to TMZ, publishers are looking to avoid A) a boycott to their businesses and B) any negative news which could impact the success of their authors.

Fair enough!

Not to mention, industry vets are well aware that the public still considers O.J. guilty of the murders of his ex wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman, even though he was acquitted during the criminal trial. Thus, many readers wouldn’t want to put money into the 70-year-old’s pocket.

Javelin‘s president, named Keith Urbahn, noted:

“Consumers won’t spend 20 bucks on a self-aggrandizing book about how he’s turned his life around.”

We believe that! Also, let’s not forget about O.J.’s disastrous 2007 book, titled If I Did It. We advise Simpson to keep a low profile post prison.

We think it’d be for the best…

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It’s Unlikely That O.J. Simpson Will Land A Book Deal Post Prison!