As you might remember, after being confronted for bringing a woman on a family vacation to Costa Rica, Scott Disick defended himself on KUWTK by claiming to be “a fucked up, horrible sex addict.”

When asked by E! News about the comment on Saturday at the LIQUID day club at the Aria Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas, the father-of-three clarified:

“I would say I think it’s a little rude that everybody keeps addressing me as a sex addict. I just like sex, but I’m not a sex addict. I said that in a humorous, joking fashion on the show and now I’m getting billed as one, and it’s not the case. I do like sex, but I am not an addict.”

Scott, you literally called yourself an “addict,” so you can’t be surprised when people believe what you say.

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Anyways, he went on to describe his relationship with sex as:

“A gargantuan appetite, but not an addict!”

During his time at the club, the outlet reports Scott hammed it up in the VIP section and even asked a bikini-clad party-goer for her number. Later, he was seen getting cozy with another woman in the pool and at 1OAK nightclub.

When given the opportunity to comment on if he’s currently in a relationship, he joked, “Just on the Internet” before saying:

“No, no love interest for me. I’m just focusing on one girl at a time. I’m just kidding. I just try to live and be decently happy. But no, No girlfriends or anything like that.”

And as for his rumored fling with Bella Thorne, he responded:

“We have nothing to do with each other romantically.”

In the meantime, the reality star is focusing on co-parenting with Kourtney Kardashian:

“We love spending time together and with the kids. That’s never been a question. I feel like sometimes the outside perspective thinks that maybe we are not on good terms, but we are. We stay strong for our three children, and that’s pretty much all we can do.”

There you have it!

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See the article here:

Scott Disick Insists He Is NOT A Sex Addict — ‘I Just Like Sex’