Lisa Bloom is not playing around.

The famed attorney is gearing up to take down NBA star Draymond Green in court over alleged assault and battery — and if the first press conference is any indication, Bloom is bringing her A-game.

The alleged victims of the Golden State Warriors forward spoke out on Tuesday, accusing the athlete and his friend of assaulting them at a bar near Michigan State University in 2016.

Former MSU football player Jermaine Edmondson and his girlfriend Bianca Williams nearly broke down rehashing a series of incidents in which Green allegedly attacked them.

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Edmondson, 23, said Green bumped into him at a campus bar on July 9 of last year, to which Edmondson responded by telling Green the least he could do was say “excuse me.”

The former athlete claimed that’s when Green “looked at me in the eyes and said, ‘I know n****** like you. I pay for n****** like you scholarship.'” Then, before he could respond, two men in Green’s entourage allegedly grabbed Edmondson and choked him against the wall.

Even worse, one of those men allegedly choked 22-year-old Williams as well. She recounted:

“The man pushed me back into the wall by my neck. Even after he let go, I couldn’t move. I was in shock and I was terrified.”

The couple was shaken up, but went on with their night. The next day, the two were out to eat when they saw Green again.

Edmondson recalled walking up to the basketball star to peacefully discuss the previous night’s events, but was answered with a punch in the face. He explained:

“He seemed calm, so we went up to him. I told him that last night didn’t have to happen, and that it wasn’t cool that Bianca got choked. His response was to punch me in the face without any warning or any reason.”

Green was arrested and later accepted a plea deal. However, Edmondson says he’s the one who suffered greater consequences from Green’s fanbase on campus — noting his own friends had even turned on him following the incident.

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Edmondson said this was such a low point in his live, he decided to temporarily leave MSU, adding:

“People made fun of me online and in person. Fans of Draymond, MSU and the Warriors started threatening me, and I no longer felt safe on campus. No one stood up for me.”

Bloom, who has recently represented Kathy Griffin and Blac Chyna, said it took courage for her clients to come forward, telling press:

“Calling out wealthy, arrogant bullies is not easy, but it’s important, and that’s why we are all here today. And I am very pleased to stand with Mr. Edmondson and Ms. Williams as they bravely stand up for their rights.”

Edmondson and Williams have accused Green of physical assault, bullying and misleading information in the lawsuit.

The pair says they want the athlete to take responsibility and apooligize for his actions.

Watch the emotional press conference (below).

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NBA Star Draymond Green’s Accusers Speak Out On Alleged Assault & Battery Incident! Hear Their Dramatic Statement!