Lana Del Rey is standing her ground!

On Wednesday, Complex released its cover story with the Video Games singer where she discusses everything from her new album Lust For Life to today’s scary political climate.

Although the 32-year-old is a bonafide star with four studio albums under her belt, it took her a while to get used to fame and celebrity culture.

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The artist tells the publication:

“That was fucked up. It just changed it. I remember I was working somewhere else and I was on my way back from there and I was getting on the 6 train, and TMZ was behind me the whole time… It was the first time I had seen a paparazzi, but he wasn’t taking pictures, he was just filming… I was like, ‘Wait, is this real life?’ Honestly from then on one of those guys I had seen that day was just always there. I thought to myself, I think I gotta move somewhere.”‘

On her new LP, the New York-native touches upon the various social issues affecting our world. As to why she didn’t get as political on past projects:

“Also, with [Barack] Obama as the president, me and everybody I know, I think we felt very safe and protected, felt like we were being viewed the way we wanted to be viewed, in terms of the world. So there wasn’t as much to say except, like, look how far we’ve come and it’s getting better, getting even better. I feel like there was quite a shift.”

While some of her admirers may be Donald Trump supporters, the songstress isn’t afraid to express her beliefs, even if it means “losing fans.”

“You don’t negotiate when it comes to your work or your art. You stand totally firm and take the consequences. In terms of losing fans I don’t care. Period.”

We hear Lana, loud and clear!

[Image via Timoth Saccenti/Complex.]

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Lana Del Rey Doesn’t Care If She Loses Fans Over Political Beliefs!