It looks like Spencer Pratt has FINALLY filled the best friend void Brody Jenner left behind in the mid ’00s.

“With whom,” you may ask?? Well it appears as though The Hills alum has become tight with far-right radio host Alex Jones. Oh, we WISH we were kidding!

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Earlier this week, the MTV celeb took to Twitter to reveal that the controversial conspiracy theorist was staying at the same Hawaiian getaway as he and his pregnant wife, Heidi Montag. The crystal fanatic dished:

Pratt later told The Daily Beast that he first learned Jones was staying at his hotel from another guest and then, shortly there after, witnessed the founder in the flesh.

No, like, literally in the flesh. In case you were wondering what Jones looked like in a bathing suit, Spencer shared:

The two celebs clearly hit it off as they not only chatted in person, but spent some serious quality time together. We mean, after a chat about how Alex’s “fame” surpassed Speidi’s, the nude beard aficionado posted:

Spencer even got Alex to (once again) DRAG Megyn Kelly over their headline making interview.

We’re not sure if Pratt, who was supposedly interviewed by Jones years ago, is an actual fan of the right-wing media personality. Still, Heidi’s husband’s quality time with Alex landed him an InfoWars interview. So this meet-and-greet could’ve been just for publicity!

On what he and Alex talked about, the reality TV star noted:

“We covered all the important subjects. Black helicopters, the Matrix, AI bot wars, China taking over, Trump. You know, just normal 7:30 a.m. beach conversations—super chill.”


[Image via Twitter.]

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Spencer Pratt Spent Quality Time With Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones While On His Babymoon With Heidi Montag!