Lo Bosworth is back and here to tell you all about how she keeps that infamous glow!

During an interview with Refinery 29, the Laguna Beach alum gave all of us an inside look at her fridge and what she stocks up on to avoid oil and gluten.

The 30-year-old dished:

“I always have whole Greek yogurt — I use that as a sour cream substitute all the time … I cook primarily with ghee instead of with a lot of different kinds of oils.”

So what makes the best gluten substitute for when you are craving pizza or tortillas? Cauliflower!

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The reality-star-turned-blogger explained:

“It’s a great way to avoid things that are made from flour so that people who are intolerant can always come and eat at my house quite happily.”

Other go-tos include chopped green onions and fresh herbs:

“I always have a lot of fresh herbs that are sitting in water to keep their freshness.”

Pro-tip: Meal prep!

That’s a skill Miz Bosworth learned during culinary school (yes, she’s done it all):

“They enforced a lot of practice about food prep, so I generally do a lot of prep with fruits and vegetable at the beginning of the week. I always have a lot of stuff that’s already chopped up and ready, so any dish is really quick.”


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