Selena Gomez is ready to let her freak flag fly!

The former Disney darling expressed this revelation while chatting with her Fetish music video‘s director, named Petra Collins, for Dazed magazine. Color us intrigued.

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On her decision to embrace the crazy for her latest vid, The Weeknd‘s lady explained:

“With the way I grew up, I always felt like there was something inside of me that hadn’t been accessed. I hadn’t had the opportunity or confidence to find it. For so long I felt like I (wasn’t able) to do something like this, not because I don’t want to but because I lack that confidence.”

However, it seems as though Selly G has embraced her quirks as she added:

“I have a lot of insecurities, but when I started working with you… We’re like sisters, but I think I’m a little bit older than you.”

As for Petra, she was more than happy to push the A-lister out of her comfort zone. And, boy, are we grateful she did!

And, from what we can tell, it appears as though Gomez had a positive experience making the bizarre project. Specifically, Selena’s favorite scene in the video is when she’s in the suburban kitchen eating all kinds of odd things. On what it was like filming this notable scene, Justin Bieber‘s ex dished:

“The kitchen scene was so liberating, to lose control of my body and lose sight of myself. I felt great and I felt like tomatoes, eggs and dirt and it was amazing, but seriously? I love that. It felt so good…I remember being a little nervous, and when shit hit the wall – I just lost it and left myself in that scene. It was so cool.”

So fierce. Now Selena might be playing a fictional character in her video, but that doesn’t mean she can’t relate to the fetishes featured. In regards to the parallels between herself and the role, Taylor Swift‘s pal candidly relayed:

“Um, I’m not saying I’ve ever done something similar to the kitchen scene in real life, but I can say right now, I do weird shit all the time when I’m alone in my house… It’s how I express myself!”

LOVES it. Nonetheless, Collins deserves the credit for Fetish being a success, as she was the one who lured out this manic side of Gomez. The pop star even gushed to Petra’s face:

“You make me feel more confident about the choices I make, like a sister. You help me, you encourage me and validate how I feel in that moment. I wouldn’t have been able to grow into the artist I am right now without you. It’s like this fire-and-water, duality thing going on.”

That’s some seriously high praise. Well, here’s hoping we’ll see more of this freaky Selena in the months to come!!

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