Debate time!

Today at Politicon, Chelsea Handler went head-to-head with controversial conservative pundit Tomi Lahren! Oh boy, this should be good.

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We’ve rounded up all the juicy highlights from the face off for you (below)!!

Get the video and social media highlights of everything that went down between them (below):

And more (below):

It should be known that Chelsea did NOT see this as a debate — and watching her the whole time, it was clear she treated this as an interview that she really just didn’t need — but Tomi really, really needed this night as she’s still searching for a home after being apparently fired by Glenn Beck.

No matter, though — a lot of what Tomi said was pretty incoherent (below):

Tomi almost seemed… nervous, talking very, VERY fast all night long. Don’t really know why, she’s been on big stages before — but she seemed super stressed while, again, Chelsea was kind of over it.

But again… Tomi is still looking for a job (below) while Chelsea is KILLING IT on Netflix:

It’s not that Tomi lost the “debate” on her ideas — if you’re a Democrat, you’ll side with Chelsea; if you’re a Republican, you’ll side with Tomi — it’s that the more Tomi Lahren comes out into the forefront the more we see she doesn’t know as much as she should know to actually take part in political discussions at this level.

Poor Tomes.


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Chelsea Handler & Tomi Lahren Hold Nothing Back In Epic Politicon Debate! WATCH!