CNN just lost their Donald Trump apologist!

Jeffrey Lord, who has been the one talking head on the network the POTUS calls “fake news” who routinely had his back, defending his most racist comments, has been fired after his latest argument backfired big time.

The pundit is known for trying to twist narratives, like when he compared the Congressional Black Caucus to the KKK, or Trump to MLK.

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On Thursday, Lord wrote an article once again calling Media Matters, a watchdog organization devoted to fact-checking and policing the content of conservative news media, fascists who were trying to take away the free speech Fox News.

When he tweeted a link to the article, Media Matters president Angelo Carusone had a pointed fact-checking criticism:


Lord apparently wanted to respond that this fact-checking was more fascism. He did not do it very clearly….

Um, yeah.


Obviously, with no context it looks like he’s just shouting a Nazi salute at him. With the context of the fact he supports Trump, who notably has many proud white supremacists in his corner, it looks even worse.

But even when the article is taken into account, the link from policing routinely false and misleading reports by the likes Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity to totalitarian censorship is tenuous at best.

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After a deluge of Twitter blowback, you’d think Lord would try to fix the mistake. Instead he fought with tweeters about how he was right.

When they called him a Nazi, he called them Nazis right back. It was like someone had declared martial Godwin’s Law.

CNN was not having it. In a statement on Thursday afternoon, they made it clear this was totally inappropriate for their network:

“Nazi salutes are indefensible. Jeffrey Lord is no longer with the network.”

Countdown to Lord calling CNN fascists starting… now!

[Image via CNN.]


Pro-Donald Trump Pundit Fired From CNN After Tweeting Nazi Salute!