Jake Paul, JFC.

On Tuesday, it was revealed the YouTube star has once again gotten in trouble over a controversial prank. Apparently, Paul has been slapped with a lawsuit for damaging the hearing of a pedestrian. Eek.

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According to TMZ, a California-based man claims the controversial internet star and his team of pranksters blew out his hearing after they blasted a loud horn at him while he was leaving a store in West Hollywood, CA. To make matters worse, the man claims his unpleasant encounter with Jake and co. can be seen in a video (below) on Paul’s YouTube channel.

As you can see from the vid, Jake and his pals drove around the El Lay neighborhood honking a mega-loud horn in order to get reactions from pedestrians. Understandably, the victim is going after Paul and his company for damages for the injury and emotional distress.

Perhaps this lawsuit will teach Jake to finally chill the fuck out?? Fingers crossed.

[Image via Instagram.]

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YouTuber Jake Paul Sued Over Obnoxious Horn Prank!