A couple in Canada is heading to court after fighting over a winning lottery ticket!

According to local reports, Maurice Thibeault won approximately five million US dollars in the lottery on September 20, but his girlfriend Denise Robinson says she’s entitled to half! She even filed a court injunction over a week later to ensure he doesn’t cash out what she claims is their money!

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Her affidavit claims:

“Maurice and I have been buying Lotto 649 tickets together for almost our entire relationship. Sometimes he would purchase the tickets and sometimes I would. Sometimes I would give him money and he would buy the tickets when he went to pick up cigarettes. We always agreed that if we had a winning ticket, the proceeds would be ours, together as a couple.”

Denise alleges she asked him if they won, but he denied it!

Then five days after the lotto was revealed, she says she came home to find that he had moved out:

“When I look back, I recall that he did approximately 15 loads of laundry of all his clothes the night prior, and didn’t put them into the drawers and closets, as if he was preparing to pack up and leave.”


Local laws state spousal support requires the couple live together for at least three years, though Denise says they were only together for two-and-a-half. But because she says they always agreed to split the money, she deserves her share!

So much drama!!

Do U think she’s entitled to half his winnings?? Or since Maurice bought the ticket, it’s all his??

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