Hazel-E really put her stilettos in her mouth with this one.

The Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood star is asking all her LGBT fans to forgive her after saying that gays should burn in hell "just like God said in the bible"!

It all started on Wednesday when some internet troll accused her boyfriend, fellow LHHH star Rose Burgandy (above, left), of being gay -- an accusation that lit the couple up in a fiery rage!

Burgandy went bonkers, posting a photo on Instagram of a PRIDE FLAG BEING SET TO FLAMES, wishing an eternal inferno on all homosexuals in the caption. Hazel also commented about a certain special place in hell for gays, even invoking the Bible for good measure.

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But on Thursday, the reality star was singing a different hymn. In a video interview with TMZ, she admitted feeding the Instagram flames probably wasn't a good idea, especially because she relies heavily on the LGBT community for her career.

Unable to achieve her optimal level of glam without the gays, Hazel revoked her death wish, making it clear that God is the only one who decides who burns in the fiery pits of VH1 hell.

Click HERE to see all of what Hazel had to say (she swears she didn't mean to cosign the "all gays" sentiment) -- and see the homophobic remarks for yourself (below).

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Nicki Minaj has her brother's back -- despite the monstrous things of which he's being accused.

In case you hadn't heard, Jelani Maraj is on trial for the rape of his preteen stepdaughter, and now it seems the defense's case rests on discrediting the accusers.

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During opening statements on Thursday, Maraj's attorney David Schwartz explained to jurors their version of events -- Jacqueline Robinson married Jelani as part of a long con to get to his sister's money. She then forced her children to lie to police about the rape.

Schwartz said:

"An evil Jackie targeted him, trying to get him to marry her, and then just four months after they were married, we have this."

According to Schwartz, Robinson plotted with her 8-year-old son to tell police his stepfather beat him when he walked in on his sister's rape. Her then-11-year-old daughter then told authorities Jelani had been raping her up to four times a week.

Schwartz's only evidence of this plot seems to be Robinson telling Nicki she could "make the charges go away for $25 million" -- something Nicki herself will testify to!

We have no idea how effective this strategy will be, but it does mean Jelani's fate is in the hands of his sis.

No official word yet whether Nicki will take the witness stand or give her testimony privately.

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David Blaine is under investigation by Scotland Yard after a model accused him of raping her in London over a decade ago.

According to The Daily Beast, Natasha Prince claims the magician raped her at a private home in London's Chelsea neighborhood in the summer of 2004, months after she turned 21 years old.

Last month, police asked the magician, through his attorney, to come to Britain for an "interview under caution" where he would be provided with details of the allegation.

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Scotland Yard revealed that no arrests have been made at this stage of the investigation, explaining in a statement:

"Officers from the Met's Child Abuse and Sexual Offenses Command are investigating an allegation of rape. The allegation was reported to police on 17 November 2016 by a woman who alleged she was raped at an address in Chelsea in June or July 2004 when she was aged 21."

Blaine's attorney Marty Singer denied all allegations to The Beast, writing in a statement:

"My client vehemently denies that he raped or sexually assaulted any woman, ever, and he specifically denies raping a woman in 2004. If, in fact, there is any police investigation, my client will fully cooperate because he has nothing to hide."

Singer released an additional statement, adding that Blaine specifically denied ever raping Natasha Prince. But the model's account is quite different.

Speaking to The Beast, Prince recalled meeting Blaine at a posh nightclub in Knightsbridge, in June or July 2004. After her shift the next day, Prince claimed the magician texted her inviting her to his friends' place for drinks -- he even offered to send a car when she mentioned she had an early call the next morning.

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That night, Prince said the car brought her to an intimidating "embassy"-like mansion. She took an elevator up to the "third or fourth floor" and Blaine met her at the door. He brought her to a small room where another couple was chatting, but seemed unaware of Prince's presence.

She says Blaine, at one point, retrieved a vodka and soda for her "in a tall crystal glass" and, after 20 minutes of chit-chat, asked to show her something in the adjacent bedroom.

From there, Prince's account turns into something out of a scene from Rosemary's Baby:

"I followed him, and we went into the bedroom, and it's dark. I told him right away when he texted me that I was working tomorrow. So I was thinking maybe we would have a sort of intimate conversation somewhere else for five or ten minutes. But he spun around quite quickly and said, ‘Kiss me.' I did kiss him. And then he said, ‘Finish your drink' and took the glass from me and put it on the table, and that's really the last thing I remember.

"At some point, I was on the bed, face-forward, and he was behind me. I think it woke me up a little bit, because I'd never had that [anal sex] done to me before. I remember moving around a lot. I was limp, and I was very floaty; I was in and out of a deep sleep.

"When I woke up, I was very relaxed — very stoned. The lights were on, and I was naked. He was shirtless at the end of the bed. And when I looked at him, he said, ‘You have really nice tits.' … He was just folding clothes, walking around. He didn't kiss me or anything."


The Beast says they were able to obtain a brief quote from Blaine regarding the Scotland Yard investigation:

"Reached on his cell phone and asked about the Scotland Yard investigation, Blaine briefly responded, 'Wow… there's absolutely nothing… that's crazy.'"

We'll have to wait and see how and if Blaine responds to the particulars of Prince's allegations, which seem to hint at involving some type of dark magic sedative.

Head over to The Daily Beast to read the full story.

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Harvey Weinstein may soon have nowhere to run.

We already know the infamous Hollywood heavyweight is being investigated for sexual assault in the U.K. with its lack of statute of limitations. He may even have to answer for the 1997 accusations of Rose McGowan thanks to a legal loophole in Utah.

But according to the latest reports, he is now being investigated in his own city.

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The LAPD confirmed an Italian model-actress (who wished to remain anonymous) has officially become the sixth woman to accuse Weinstein of rape or forcible sex acts.

The now-38-year-old tells the L.A. Times she met Weinstein for only the second time at the Los Angeles Italia Film, Fashion and Art Fest in February 2013. After they spoke briefly at the fest, he showed up "without warning" at her hotel lobby asking to come up. She said no, but he got her room number and came up anyway, soon bullying his way in telling her he "just wanted to talk." But he didn't:

"Once inside, he asked me questions about myself but soon became very aggressive and demanding and kept asking to see me naked. He grabbed me by the hair and forced me to do something I did not want to do. He then dragged me to the bathroom and forcibly raped me."

She says she tried to stop him by showing him photos of her children, but it didn't do any good. In all, she says, the encounter lasted 45 minutes:

"When he left, he acted like nothing happened. I barely knew this man. It was the most demeaning thing ever done to me by far. It sickens me still. … He made me feel like an object, like nothing with all his power... All these years I've been thinking why I didn't call the police immediately. I regret that I opened the door."

Today also brings yet another new accusation from Russian TV host Katya Mtsitouridze (above, right), who recounted to The Hollywood Reporter an incident with Weinstein 13 years ago:

"I first met Mr. Weinstein in the Regent hotel at the Berlin film festival [in 2003], where I was doing a television interview with George Clooney for Channel One. Harvey was co-producer of Clooney's directorial debut, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. After the interview, he came up to me saying that he liked my questions and would love to have lunch in his room — that he loved Russian culture, especially Chekhov, and that his grandparents were originally from Russia — and that we could have an interesting conversation. I was surprised and told him, rather ironically, that, of course, it would be an honor, but I was afraid my boyfriend would not be happy about our cultural tete-a-tete, but if he wished to invite him, there would be no problem."

Harvey didn't like that, says Katya, so instead he gave her his number and over the next few months whenever their paths wold cross at junkets, he would remind her to call him.

But it was at the Venice Film Festival in 2004 that Katya says she got the full Weinstein.

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He invited her after a screening of Finding Neverland to discuss an idea he had for modern Russian writers. Katya thought it was legit since he was a publisher as well -- but again she refused to meet with him alone in his room, instead telling him to meet her at the Excelsior hotel cafe, a public place full of industry professionals.

When she got there, Harvey's assistant showed up instead saying he wasn't feeling well, so could she meet him upstairs. She was hesitant but "the assistant said that he would be joining us, so I went up." That's when the assistant "instantly disappeared," and Katya met the real Harvey:

"I was frozen into immobility like a statue, because a well-known producer with whom I've come to discuss modern Russian writers, was in a bathrobe."


He apparently told her his masseuse was late but that they could have fun while he waited. She also remembers him saying:

"'You will love it. I'm a guru in this matter. You never met a man like me.'"

Though she doesn't know if he meant massage or not.

She says she wondered if the press junket down the hall would hear her screams when she was saved "like a scene from a bad movie" when a waiter returned to the room with a bucket of champagne. She used the opportunity and made a swift exit.

She saw Harvey again around a decade later at Cannes, when the two were introduced by a mutual acquaintance who didn't know they had met. She says she was nervous but recalls:

"But Harvey, acting as if nothing had happened, kissed my hand and said quietly so that only I could hear: 'Don't even think about saying anything. Forget all about it. Be a smart girl.'"

She never did say anything. But she is now. And so are a lot more women.

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