We're not sure how we feel about this...

Amid all of the sexual misconduct controversy happening in Hollywood, it feels like poor timing to have dropped the trailer for Louis C.K.'s I Love You, Daddy. The film sparked controversy back in September when it debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival.


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Well, because, the flick tells the story of a privileged TV producer (played by C.K.) whose teenage daughter (played by Chloë Grace Moretz) falls for a lecherous 68-year-old filmmaker (played by John Malkovich).

The movie somewhat pays homage to Woody Allen, as it is filmed in the industry vet's signature style, AND seemingly references the controversial director's illicit affair with now wife Soon-Yi Previn.

Not to mention, the Emmy winner has his fair share of sexual misconduct gossip swirling around him too. It's just so ironic, right??

Be sure to ch-ch-check out the trailer (above) and let us know if you'll be seeing the movie when it eventually hits theaters (below)!

A couple in Canada is heading to court after fighting over a winning lottery ticket!

According to local reports, Maurice Thibeault won approximately five million US dollars in the lottery on September 20, but his girlfriend Denise Robinson says she's entitled to half! She even filed a court injunction over a week later to ensure he doesn't cash out what she claims is their money!

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Her affidavit claims:

"Maurice and I have been buying Lotto 649 tickets together for almost our entire relationship. Sometimes he would purchase the tickets and sometimes I would. Sometimes I would give him money and he would buy the tickets when he went to pick up cigarettes. We always agreed that if we had a winning ticket, the proceeds would be ours, together as a couple."

Denise alleges she asked him if they won, but he denied it!

Then five days after the lotto was revealed, she says she came home to find that he had moved out:

"When I look back, I recall that he did approximately 15 loads of laundry of all his clothes the night prior, and didn't put them into the drawers and closets, as if he was preparing to pack up and leave."


Local laws state spousal support requires the couple live together for at least three years, though Denise says they were only together for two-and-a-half. But because she says they always agreed to split the money, she deserves her share!

So much drama!!

Do U think she's entitled to half his winnings?? Or since Maurice bought the ticket, it's all his??

Want to know what makes a scary tale more terrifying??

Learning that half the murderous villains are based off real people! Oh, we wish were kidding.

Take American Horror Story, for example. The Ryan Murphy-created horror anthology is riddled with characters that are based off real life bad guys. No, really!

Be sure to discover the IRL killers that inspired film/TV roles (below)... only if you dare...

CLICK HERE to view "13 Horror Story Murderers & Villains Who Are Based On REAL People!"

CLICK HERE to view "13 Horror Story Murderers & Villains Who Are Based On REAL People!"

CLICK HERE to view "13 Horror Story Murderers & Villains Who Are Based On REAL People!"

CLICK HERE to view "13 Horror Story Murderers & Villains Who Are Based On REAL People!"

CLICK HERE to view "13 Horror Story Murderers & Villains Who Are Based On REAL People!"

Shots fired!!

Megyn Kelly is weighing in on the sexual harassment issue as she's recently penned an op-ed on the topic for Time magazine. In addition to detailing her experiences with the former President of Fox News Roger Ailes, the Megyn Kelly Today star also took shots at Mayim Bialik and Donna Karan for their opinions amid the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

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Specifically, Miz Kelly insisted that "the victim blaming must stop." On Mayim and Donna's recent controversy, Megyn wrote:

"Often it seems there is almost a presumption that those who get harassed must have done something to invite it, which leads too many victims to stay silent. Actress Mayim Bialik thought this was the time to discuss the virtues of 'not being a perfect ten' or being someone who hasn't had plastic surgery or who avoids flirting with men. (She apologized.) Donna Karan also had to apologize for suggesting that women are "asking for it." How insulting to victims. There are laws in this country. Wearing a short skirt doesn't violate them. Shoving one's tongue down an employee's throat does."


While Megyn's not wrong in her opinion, we should reiterate that both Bialik and Karan have since apologized for their words. Understandably, this issue hits close to home for the blonde journalist as she was one of Ailes' many victims prior to his ousting at Fox. According to Kelly, she reported the late businessman's behavior to her superior, but sadly, "nothing was done."

The 46-year-old went on to speculate that a "partnership with men" is the answer to ending sexual harassment in the workplace. The industry vet noted:

"Perhaps the most critical solution lies in partnership with the men. The harassers must stop; we know this. But male titans of industry must stand up for decency. Shout it from the rooftops and whisper it in the bars when women aren't around, because we don't often get invited to the late-night drinks where those conversations happen. Those are the moments... Women alone cannot change the culture. We need men. Evolved ones. Kind ones. Brave and scared ones, like those who fear expulsion from the fraternity if they object to a male colleague's bad behavior."

Hmmm, inneresting point. Be sure to read Megyn's FULL piece for yourself HERE!

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A royal engagement is nigh, right??

On Wednesday, it was reported that Prince Harry brought Meghan Markle to Buckingham Palace last week for a two-on-one visit with Queen Elizabeth. Ooh, go on!!

QUIZ: Are You A Royal Family Expert??

According to Daily Mail, the love birds stopped by the British sovereign's London palace for a private tea with the Queen. It's said the twosome, who have been dating for at least 15 months, arrived at the royal residence in a Ford Galaxy station wagon with blacked out windows. Clearly, Meghan and Harry are trying to keep a low profile.

Per the report's columnist Richard Kay, upon their arrival, Meghan and Harry were "whisked up to the Queen's private sitting room" for an hour visit. That's some serious face time, girl!! Although, there are reports that claim Elizabeth and Meghan met during a visit earlier this year to Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

Later in the evening, Harry performed some royal duties as he accepted a posthumous award on behalf of his late mother, Princess Diana. The prize at the Attitude magazine awards was to commemorate the late princess' HIV/AIDS activism. We're sure Harry's mother would be so proud of everything he's accomplished -- especially his mature relationship with Meghan.

Now, obviously, there's major significance to the Suits actress' sit down with the Queen. Currently, Harry is fifth in line to the throne, which means he needs the Queen's permission to tie the knot. The ginger prince will be pushed to sixth in line when Kate Middleton gives birth to her third child with Prince William!

Regardless, locking in his grandmother's approval isn't expected to be a problem, as the Queen simply "adores" Harry. One insider previously noted:

"If Harry asks for something, she would say yes as she adores him."

All signs are pointing to an engagement as, in addition to this visit, Harry and Meghan made their public debut as a couple last month at the Invictus Games in Toronto. At the event, Harry spent some SERIOUS quality time with Markle's momma, Doria. Not to mention, spokespeople for Kensington Palace and Buckingham Palace both declined to comment on the report. Now, isn't that VERY suspicious???

Honestly, we're just SO ready for these two to be engaged already!!!

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